Ask Us Anything!

Do you buy items outright?

No, we do not buy items outright, we only sell on consignment.

Do you accept used wedding gowns for consignment?

Yes, we accept used wedding gowns if they have been cleaned, are free of holes or tears, and are not more than 5 years old.

What happens to my items if they don't sell?

Items not sold within the 6 month contract period can either be returned to the consignor, or forfeited to the store and will be donated. Consignors have 7 days after the end of their contract to come and pick up any unsold items. Items not picked up become property of Wedding Consign & Design.

Do you accept prom dresses?

Yes, we accept prom dresses during the months of August-December. They must be clean, and no more than 2 years old. Receipts are highly recommended. We will be selling them January-May only.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring in items to consign?

Nope! We do not require appointments to  drop off items for consignment. However, we only accept items the 1st through the 15th of each month. No exceptions! 

Do you hold items?

Yes, we can usually hold items for up to 2 days at our discretion.

Do you ship items?

We rarely ship items because it is usually too costly, but it depends on the item. Small or lightweight items may be shipped, with an additional shipping & handling fee. Contact us via email or Facebook to inquire about shipping.

How do you determine prices?

Many items, including dresses, will be new and never used. Whether new or once-used, everything will be priced below retail. Items from Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and JoAnn's will be priced below their sale prices. Bridesmaid and Prom dresses are priced 1/2 of retail.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. All merchandise is on consignment and not owned by Wedding Consign & Design, so we are unable to process returns or exchanges.

Do you offer layaway?

Yes! Layaway is available for all wedding gowns priced over $300.

Do you deliver rental items?

Yes, we can deliver and set up large rental items up to 30 miles outside of Lincoln, for an additional charge.

When do we pick up rental items, and when do they need to be returned?

Rental items reserved may be picked up the day before the event, and must be returned the day after.

How long does it take to make custom signs and invitations?

Once a custom sign design is finalized, it may take up to 4 weeks to be completed, depending on size and detail. Custom signs may be done within 1-2 weeks or less, with the possibility of a 25% Rush Order fee. 
After ordering invitations, it may take up to 10 days for the design proof. 
Once the final design is approved, it may take 2-4 weeks for printing, depending on the time of year.
Printing may be completed within 1 week or less, with the possibility of a 25% Rush Order fee.