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Selling Your Items

Consignment is a great way to sell all your new or once-used items from your wedding or special event and let another couple enjoy them! 

We will accept most items related to your wedding.

Items we cannot accept include sparklers/fireworks, used candles, saturated water gems, paints, stains, dyes, or inks.

General Information

  • We DO NOT buy any items outright. 

  • There is no fee to consign items or pick up items.

  • If you change your mind, you can pick up your items at any time after the first 30 days of the contract period. 

  • Consignor must agree to cease and desist any personal efforts to sell items consigned with us for the duration of the contract period. 

  • We will not notify you if your items sell, but you can call, email, or stop by the shop to check on their status.

  • Please keep your contact information current with us. 

  • We reserve the right to accept or decline any item for any reason.


  • No appointment is necessary. If you have a large number of items, you can call ahead to schedule a time.

  • Items must be in good condition and clean enough to put right on the shelf. Consignor percentage will be reduced on any item that the staff cleans off-site.

  • Original receipts are great if you have them, especially for wedding gowns.

  • Gowns and dresses must be from the last 5 years, clean, and free from tears, holes, and stains.


  • The consignment contract for all items is currently 180 days.

  • You will get a reminder when your contract period ends. You will then have 7 days to pick up your unsold items. 

  • Items not picked up become property of Wedding Consign & Design.


  • We will do all the pricing in-store. Items will generally be priced 2/3 of the current retail value, depending on the item and quality. 

  • All items will be discounted some time after 90 days of the contract period and during special sale events.


  • You will receive 50% of what your items sell for during the consignment period.

  • Payments are issued at the end of the month in which the items sold.

  • Checks will be mailed or picked up at the store. Checks not cashed within 90 days will be voided and not reissued. Payment may be made in cash, if under $20, or store credit. 

  • Some Wedding Gowns may be posted online to reach a wider customer base. Consignor percentage may be reduced by 1-2% to cover the additional cost if sold online.

**NOTE** Wedding Consign & Design will take all reasonable and necessary measure to prevent loss, theft, or damage to all items. However, our consignment agreement will expressly relieve Wedding Consign & Design LLC for any such loss, theft, or damage.